Top 5 Wooden Furniture You Need at Your Home

Things change over time but wooden furniture is always needed and timeless. Don’t shy away from the following pieces of furniture to add an elegant touch to your home. 

Wooden furniture is something that matches with every décor. The best thing is that you can choose from different pieces that can suit your interior theme or color scheme. Wooden furniture also doesn’t need replacement in a few years. 

We have listed some pieces of furniture that you’ll always need to save some space – 

1. Coffee Table 

Don’t shift a heavy wooden sofa from your living room which is already well-organized. A beautifully-designed coffee table can add utility and class. This classic table is short-legged and well-crafted with a wide area. It can bump up the personal touch of the whole room by placing it at the center. Add some favorite books or magazines, fragrant candles, therapeutic plants, or even some trays to make it more dramatic and unique.  

2. Chest of Drawers 

A vintage chest of drawers always retains its old-school charm and room for some innovation. A chest of drawers always looks appealing while serving its purpose. If you have limited space, opt for a smaller version with a few drawers and get the vintage look back to its glory. If you want to store more belongings, opt for the chest with more deep rows having some wider and smaller drawers.  You can place this wooden furniture anywhere in your home and retain its grandeur and classic appeal. 

3. Side Tables 

Whether near the bed, a lounge chair, or a sofa, a side table always comes in handy to keep your beverage, daily use gadgets, or your books. Compact side tables are always needed in the bedroom to complement your bed or in living rooms with your sofas. It saves space and gives a stylish look. If you are looking for side tables especially for storage, you can go for the ones with drawers. 

4. Extra Chairs 

You will always need some extra chairs to accommodate your guests. A few extra chairs for your guests will always come in handy whenever you need them. You can go for classical chairs that you can stack one over another to save some space when they are not required. 

5. Study Table 

Whether you want your children to study at home or you want to be motivated while working from home, you will always need a robust wooden study table. You can buy it with drawers, shelves, a sliding drawer for a keyboard, or simply a plain table with a clear surface to store sheets of card paper, books, large maps, or geometry tools. Wood can easily handle the weight and there is no risk of breakage.

6. Bookshelf 

You can never go wrong with a classic bookshelf if you call yourself a ‘bookworm’. People go for bookshelves with maple or birch. It can have an elegant finish with veneer plywood to get a vintage feel. Wood can keep your books without moisture. A wooden bookshelf can store as many as heavy books without collapsing. 

Bottom Line

If you are deeply into classic Indian wooden art and craft, you may visit where you will find a huge range of hand-crafted wooden furniture items that are known for their durability and timeless appeal.

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